Literature and Libation

My announcement last week said that the first episode of “December, 1919” would go live today. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen illness, I need to push that back a week (it needs those editz, yo). I don’t want to start the story on the wrong foot, and I do feel bad for not sticking to my original schedule. I blame nasopharyngitis and his punk friend rhinopharyngitis.

In the meantime, please let these pretty pictures from my recent trip to 16 Mile brewing and the Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehoboth (the place that started the DFH name, and where Sam Calagione slept on a cot in the basement) distract your from my bumbling and missing deadlines!

Featuring: Bryan, Josh, Liz, Douglas, Sean, Matt, and some other who I can’t tag for legal and technical reasons.

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